The "Ultimate Himalayan aventure"

The Ultimate Himalayan aventure

Survival trip / Trek, découverte /Luxe / Hélicoptère / Massage / Private Jet / Rafting / Parapente / Paddle boat / Champagne / ...

21 jours / à partir de 17.800/pax

A dive into the jungle book, in the heart of the land of gibbons, accompanied by hunter-gatherers of the Mishmi ethnic group. In the foothills of the Himalayas, our heroes will learn to recognize the plants that feed and heal, and chase the squirrel and rat bamboo with their guides. They will have to find the river so that smugglers bring them back to civilization.

Prochain départ le 10/23/2018

To learn how to deal with the unexpected, seek water, build a shelter, steer yourself, light a fire, make tools, discover "another self" wilder, more primary and reveal the unsuspected resources that lie dormant all of us. Become a real "SURVIVOR" for a day, a weekend or even a week in France or abroad!

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