Is the scorpion edible? This is a good find, once cooked it turns into a perfect appetizer!


Moroccan High Atlas



Moroccan High Atlas

Is the scorpion edible? This is a good find, once cooked it turns into a perfect appetizer!

During six days, you will discover the High-Atlas in Morocco. Over 2000m altitude (6500ft), time has stopped in these magnificent valleys. Off the beaten tracks, in a breathtaking setting out of the ordinary, you will receive training to survival techniques and sleep four nights in bivouacs, under shelter or inside millennium old caves… A stunning adventure!

Awaken the Lion of the Atlas that sleeps within!

Day 1

Arrival and welcoming at Marrakech. Night in riad or hotel in the heart of the medina (meal not included).


Day 2

Transfer to the Moroccan High-Atlas, driving through dream settings worth the biggest adventure movies! Crossing the pass over 2000m, we’ll gaze on the snowy top of Mount Tubkal. At dusk, you’ll reach a charming village where you will have a heartwarming encounter, far from the touristic trails, in an authentic setting.


Day 3

Beginning of the trek. Strong walk to reach the wind swept high-plateau. Your goal for the day is the beginning of survival: find a river to follow it to its source, forage fruits and edible wild plants. Sheltered under a rocky promontory, you will learn how to lay traps, purify the collected water, make bread and cook it in the coals… with the help of our local mountain guide!


Day 4

Going down to another water spring where you will apply the skills learnt the previous day. We spend the day laying traps, collecting wood, foraging edibles… in a setting worth adventure movies.


Day 5

Following a rocky trail through an oak wood forest, an uncommon scene at 2500m (8000ft) altitude! After a long walk (12km / 7,5mi), you will reach the area of our next camp, where a few surprise await: waterfall, squirrels, steep decline, natural shower, and a breathtaking landscape!


Day 6

The trek takes us downhill toward a lost Berber village. They will for sure invite us to their home for tea, curious and proud of welcoming strangers. The valley will appear rich and welcoming with a tumbling river, fruit orchard, frogs and birds… Last bivouac will be the most friendly of all.


Day 7

The extraction vehicle awaits us at the next village. Back to civilization through gorgeous landscapes. Arrival in Marrakech for a wonderful party in the riad. Relaxation time, hot shower and other delights. Oriental diner (meal not included) and night at the riad.


Day 8

Transfer to the airport and flight back to your home country.



per person

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Equipment to prepare for the training

- Backpack

- Sleeping bag (medium cold)

- Trekking gear (shoes, pants, warm sweater)

- A pair of flip-flops

- A pair of extra socks

- Poncho or raincoat

- Water bottle

- Quart, spoon and metal cup

- Headlamp

- Sunglasses & hat

- Knife

- Garbage bag

- Organic soap and towel

- Camera and Go-Pro are allowed

- Phone and camcorder not allowed

- All accommodations, homestay and bivouac

- All meals and rations from day 2 to day 6

- All training costs

- A survival expert during the whole training

- All taxes and permits

- 24h assistance

The trip includes

- Personal transports and transfers

- Personal expenses and drinks

- Personal insurance

- Meals of day 1 and day 7

Not included

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What people say

Wow !! (friends will laugh) What an experience !! You come back changed! I learned a lot about myself, tapping on my own reserves, taking care of others, nobody knew each other at the start, to finally become a welded and united group. We shared so many beautiful things, unique moments in one life !! Thanks to Nadia and Denis (from who we’ve learnt a lot and who is a nice person)! Personally it's been a long time that I wanted to do one of these survival courses and I realized a dream!

—  Jeremy