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Wow !! (friends will laugh) What an experience !! You come back changed! I learned a lot about myself, tapping on my own reserves, taking care of others, nobody knew each other at the start, to finally become a welded and united group. We shared so many beautiful things, unique moments in one life !! Thanks to Nadia and Denis (from who we’ve learnt a lot and who is a nice person)! Personally it's been a long time that I wanted to do one of these survival courses and I realized a dream!


The survival training in the Philippines was a great human adventure. To leave with strangers, to have an absolute confidence in Denis, to see magnificent landscapes, to surpass yourself, to help the group, to make fire, to seek to eat ... All can not be told, it is necessary to experience it by yourself ... We are a part of the great family of adventurers from Denis Tribaudeau 


First of all I wanted to thank you for this unique adventure, it is with the head filled with emotion and memories that I came back. 

Could you send me a link with the photos you took during the stay. For my part, if you wish it or the other participants, I can make a link with my photos and video. 

Thanks again, see you soon


I lived in a waking dream so the colors, the smells were wonderful. It's a little piece of paradise that Denis let us discover. The deserted beach, coconut trees and multicolored fishes, white sand and wild cassava will remain forever engraved in my memory!


I was lucky to participate in a survival course in Africa .... it was an extraordinary experience ..... sumptuous landscapes, breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Thanks to the professionalism of Denis we have spent a wonderful, rich and rewarding stay. Each day was a new adventure made of hunting and fire, making arrows and bows ....... a very strong bond has united us with the other participants, and the adventure ends in apotheosis with the safari and the hotel ...... I come back changed thanks to this experience, especially humanly .... I highly recommend this training to people who love sharing and human exchanges ... live your dreams ..... ..Thank you again to Denis and Nadia for everything.


Nepal is sublime! An exceptional experience, starting with the excitement of finally knowing the destination. And then, a few hours later, smells, noises, colors, tastes .... 

All the senses are awake ... I could not believe I was there, I still can’t believe it ... the desire to go back does not leave me! So, just THANK you Denis, THANK you Robin for your HUMANISM and your sharing!


Hi Denis and Nadia, we were so lucky to be a great team welded and especially very complementary, this week was an incredible human wealth. Personally, I laughed a lot, which I did not think possible, given the thematic :) 

Yoann and Mus were very good guides and taught us a lot. We come out enriched by this experience ... 

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