Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita

Survival training, somewhere on the planet!


Terra Incognita

Survival training, somewhere on the planet!

Every year, Denis Tribaudeau’s team comes up with an adventure like no other, with a destination that most people ignore, that turns as a real surprise. This year like many times before, get ready to be amazed by something huge!


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


The idea is simple: we bring you to a land far away from the rest of the World, where you will live a “survival adventure trek”, something exceptional and incredibly authentic surrounded by a dream setting.

One detail: the destination will be kept from you until the departure day! If that is not adventure…


Denis Tribaudeau will be your instructor for this training.

He is a well-known expert in Wilderness survival. For over twenty years, he traveled and explored far off edges of the World, starting with a tour of Europe in autonomy. Trained on the field in the heart of Nature, he offers since almost ten years survival courses all over the planet. Over 2,000 trainees happily placed themselves into his experienced hands. With a laid-off attitude, he will give you an opportunity to discover peoples and places that only him can know, helping you be part of those very specials environments.

He will bring you to build extraordinary and imperishable memories. Get the know-how to face the unforeseen, go around with whatever you can grab, find water, build a shelter, fight against the cold or the heat, navigate, start a fire, build tools to hunt and fish, forage,… That is what his business is all about! You just need to trust him and let go…



per person

(International flight included)

To book one of our trainings, it is very easy: you just need to fill the booking form, and click on “Book Now”. We will get in touch with you to confirm and validate your subscription.

Once the form is sent, we will manage your booking within a couple of days. You will receive a mail for confirmation with a bill, which you will need to pay by wire transfer or through our online payment platform, and send a course preparation form (equipment, assistance and medical cover, etc.).

If you didn’t pick a date for the training but you want to book for someone else (in case of a gift for example), booking process will stay the same. We will keep your file until the course is chosen.

2019 Calendar




8th to 18th

Equipment to prepare for the training

- Backpack

- Sleeping bag (medium cold)

- Trekking gear (shoes, pants, warm sweater)

- A pair of flip-flops

- A pair of extra socks

- Poncho or raincoat

- Water bottle

- Quart, spoon and metal cup

- Headlamp

- Sunglasses & hat

- Knife

- Garbage bag

- Organic soap and towel

- Camera and Go-Pro are allowed

- Phone and camcorder not allowed

- All local transports and transfers

- All accommodations, hotel, inn, bivouac and camping

- All meals and rations

- All training costs

- A survival expert during the whole training

- All taxes and permits

- 24h assistance

The trip includes

- Overweight luggage

- Drinks, tips and personal expenses

- Personal insurance

Not included

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What people say

Wow !! (friends will laugh) What an experience !! You come back changed! I learned a lot about myself, tapping on my own reserves, taking care of others, nobody knew each other at the start, to finally become a welded and united group. We shared so many beautiful things, unique moments in one life !! Thanks to Nadia and Denis (from who we’ve learnt a lot and who is a nice person)! Personally it's been a long time that I wanted to do one of these survival courses and I realized a dream!

—  Jeremy