The "Ultimate Himalayan aventure"

The Lahu Jungle












North Thailand - The Lahu Jungle

During 8 days, you will discover the jungle and bushcraft of the extreme North of Thailand, by the Burma border. In a well-preserved environment, in the heart of the Lahu territory, you will live in a breathtaking setting out of the ordinary. You will receive training to survival techniques, and sleep four nights in bivouacs, amidst waterfalls, caves, vines, moss, sounds of the jungle, dampness, paddy fields, monkey calls and batrachians… A stunning adventure!


Awaken the Lion of the Atlas that sleeps within!

Day 1

Arrival and welcoming at the airport or train station of Chiang Mai. And transfer to the hotel down town. Night in the hotel (diner and breakfast not included).


Day 2

Departure to Ban Mae Lana. Diner and night in a farm in traditional bamboo bungalows with a view over the paddy fields in the heart of a protected, calm and happy village.


Day 3

Breakfast. Briefing on the survival fundamentals: what is a survival situation, priorities, dangers, goals, etc. Beginning of the survival trek. Crossing of Lisu and Lahu villages famous for their architecture, you will see magnificent paddy fields in an imposing mountain and tropical forest setting. Visit of a cave full of concretions, out of Jurassic Park! Bivouac by a chasm where time has stopped. Division of tasks. Initiation to bushcraft and mountain bivouac in Wilderness, preparation of a Lahu diner, making of plates and cutlery out of bamboo, cooking in bamboo, observation of flora, management of stress, foraging, etc.


Day 4

Continuation of the survival trek in the forest. Walk down a Lahu village and meeting with industrious and cheerful people. Relaxation time amidst the Lahu population, drinking fresh water at our guide’s family house. Departure for an unusual bivouac site in the middle of the jungle. Identification of animal tracks, distillation of water, starting of a fire without lighter or matches, foraging for food, etc. Bivouac in the forest: finding of an adequate site for bivouac, making of a shower,… Learning of diverse techniques to build a bivouac and progressive entrance into autonomy.


Day 5

Continuation of the survival trek in the forest, identification of animal tracks, distillation of water, fire building, foraging for food, hunting and laying of traps,… Bivouac on a rocky promontory where you can admire the Burmese forest. Diner and night in full autonomy with the help of our experts.


Day 6

Continuation of the survival trek in the forest, you will now challenge your new skills in full-scale test! Bivouac will be set by a river that we crossed by ford or with a homemade floating device. We’ll have time to bath, and fish by hands or with homemade harpoons. We build camp, make primitive fire, prepare diner, and camp in full autonomy… a wonderful night to be expected!


Day 7

Continuation of the survival trek in the forest and way back to civilization. On the outskirt of the jungle, pick-up vehicles waiting for us will get us back to Ban Mae Lana in the early afternoon. Drinks and party with the whole team! Traditional Chan diner served at the farm. Night in bamboo bungalows by the lush paddy fields surrounded by volcanic mountains.


Day 8

Breakfast. Transfer to Chiang Mai. Free evening (meal not included). Night in the guesthouse in Chiang Mai in the historical city center. Optional Thai massages, visits to temples and so on.


Day 9

Breakfast and lunch not included. Transfer to the airport or train station.


€17 800 

per person

(International flight not included, contact us before booking your flight).

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2018 Calendar

Equipment to prepare for the training

- Backpack (we advise a 10-12kg load with equipment)

- Sleeping bag

- Trekking gear (shoes, pants, warm sweater)

- A pair of flip-flops

- A pair of extra socks

- Poncho or raincoat

- Headlamp

- Hammock

- Bug net

- Sunglasses

- Knife

- Garbage bag

- Organic soap and towel
- Camera and Go-Pro are allowed
- Phone and camcorder not allowed

We can rent you specific equipment that you don’t want to buy



16th to 24th



Dates to come

- All local transports and transfers

- All accommodations, hotel, guesthouse, farm, bivouac

- All training costs

- All meals from day 2 (night) to day 8 (morning)

- A survival expert during the whole training

- A Lahu jungle guide during the jungle trek

- Meetings with the Lahu people

- All taxes and permits

- 24h assistance

The trip includes

- International flights, airport taxes and overweight luggage
- Drinks, tips and personal expenses
- Personal insurance

Not included

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What people say

Wow !! (friends will laugh) What an experience !! You come back changed! I learned a lot about myself, tapping on my own reserves, taking care of others, nobody knew each other at the start, to finally become a welded and united group. We shared so many beautiful things, unique moments in one life !! Thanks to Nadia and Denis (from who we’ve learnt a lot and who is a nice person)! Personally it's been a long time that I wanted to do one of these survival courses and I realized a dream!

—  Jeremy